Mack-LowboyADIMECH was founded in 1999 and incorporated as Adirondack Portable Custom Crushing, LLC in 2006. The business was initially primarily stone crushing but has since expanded out to a full aggregate supplier including sand and gravel, as well as auto, light and heavy truck maintenance and towing/transportation of autos, light and heavy trucks, and heavy equipment. Because of this, the name was changed to Adirondack Mechanical Services, or ADIMECH, in 2013.

LoaderJim McGee, the company’s founder, has worked in all areas of asphalt and stone production since 1990. His mechanical skills are wide-ranging, including welding, auto and truck maintenance and repair, demolition, metal fabrication, and electronics. In addition, he has proven himself to be something of a mechanical McGuyver – an expert at visualizing and implementing a wide range of solutions from building tug boats from scratch, renovating any and all kinds of equipment, re-engineering and rebuilding bridges, and creating the custom portable stone crushing equipment that is still the core of ADIMECH’s business.

ADIMECH has implemented crushing projects in most East Coast states from the Canadian border to North Carolina. With a reputation for on-time and on-budget project completion, we can supply your service and repair, transportation, and construction materials requirements.